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Keyboard shortcuts

The mouse rules? How often do you move the mouse, type something, move the mouse again, click on something ….. You are repeatedly going back to the mouse when you could do plenty straight from the keyboard:     In … Continue reading

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Backing Up

When was your last backup? For most computer users the answer is probably “never” or “doesn’t it do it automatically?” Desktop PCs usually come with a Cloud facility such as Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud that can be used to backup … Continue reading

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Banging head againgst wall

I receive a fair bit of spam but for the most part it’s advertising related. Every few days something arrives that could be quite nasty for the unwary recipient.

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Redundant PC? Recycle it!

Some laptops or desktop computers seem to be destined for the household recycling centre when perhaps they are still usable? What decisions lead to an ‘End of Life’ determination for computers? The most common answer is that a newer model … Continue reading

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Collected articles on IT matters

I have now moved almost all of the IT advice articles from the front page of this blog onto a dedicated IT Advice page. Archived on that page are articles on Computer Security, Routine Maintenance and some Linux-related articles. If … Continue reading

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Is your memory good enough?

As we get older, trying to cram new information into our brains sometimes means that information from a few years ago may disappear. In many respects, the same can be said of computers. Here I am referring to the internal … Continue reading

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Another AOL problem

I visited a friend tonight who had email problems. As it was, I’d already had a suspicious email from him earlier in the day – his account had been hacked.   My first issue was whether anything in his laptop … Continue reading

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New linux pages added

I’ve created some Linux-specific pages under the IT Stuff menu. It’ll be a mix of general information, fixes to compatibility (with Windows) issues and the odd plea for help.  

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