Don’t let it happen to you!

I wrote some time ago about the dangers of letting the world know you were going away at Christmas.

Social media and Insurance

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It now appears that insurance companies are checking social media accounts for mention of your holiday when you make a claim because of a break-in. It’s possible your claim could be rejected.

There was a time when the only people who would know you were going away on holiday would be your immediate family, next door neighbours and friends who would be likely to visit. Plus the newsagent and milkman, if you had deliveries from them.

In our connected environment, however, the entire planet can be told you’re away, even the occupants of the International Space Station are on the internet!

Having an open conversation on one of the many social media platforms, although Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the largest, has a potential audience of thousands. Even if you lock a Facebook discussion down to ‘Friends’ only, how many of those ‘friends’ do you actually know? On Twitter, unless you use the ‘Protected’ account setting, everything you post is visible to everyone – even those without a twitter account.

So, an apparently harmless “I’ll be in Rimini” or “I’ll be in Romford” is effectively the same as a poster in your front window saying you’re going away.

If you have children/teenagers at home then be very aware of what they are telling their friends. Most have Facebook accounts that broadcast messages to Friends and Friends-of-Friends; potentially a very large number. Can they vouch for the trust of every one? I doubt it!

So, a little common sense should prevail.

The risk is that an opportunist, unwelcome, visitor to your home will help themselves to your possessions with the knowledge that you’re not going to return that day, or the next.

As for my plans this year – I’m not saying!

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