Hanover Inn

I was asked recently to build and host a website for a long-established Harwich business. The previous website had been taken down by the hosting company and was no longer accessible to the owner. The Hanover Inn is a B&B and needed a website in order to attract the summer visitors to Harwich.

Hanover Inn

That meant not only building a new site but also promoting it in Google’s search results so it appears on the first page, preferably near the top. It also means removing the redundant website from results.

I’m registered with Google as a webmaster so have made the requests to clean up the search results, however Google won’t promote your business unless you throw money at them!

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in, knowing how to promote the business. After 24 hours the pub’s site is on page 3 of the results, hopefully it won’t take too long. Out of interest, if you search for me on Google I’m the top response on page 1, and the second response, and the third …..

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