Hints & Tips

I’ll put some general advice and hints here, probably prompted by a question at one of the Click sessions at Long Meadows!

  • Would you put up a poster in your front windows stating that you were on holiday for two weeks? Of course not, so why announce exactly the same on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else?

  • Likewise, tweeting photos from the Mediterranean (or Cornwall) for a few days would imply you weren’t at home, even if you don’t explicitly say it! The same goes for online photo albums.

  • Whilst on the Facebook/Social Media subject? If you’re looking for work or considering changing jobs it’s worth remembering that potential employers or recruiters can use the internet to search for you. Therefore, anything you’ve said on Facebook, Twitter etc could be found and used to assess your application. If it’s too late to say ‘be careful what you write’ then consider at least changing the security on your Facebook account so that only Friends can access your timeline or photos. On twitter, review any tweets you’ve sent and consider deleting the ones that might be ‘misunderstood’ by an employer. Use your judgement here.

  • Try searching for yourself using Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to see what others might find if they went looking on the internet for you.

  • Never use the same password everywhere, if your webmail password is the same as your Amazon/Ebay/Paypal/Tesco password then that’s your bank card maxed out pretty quickly!

More coming!