220px-TuxI have a tendency to avoid Windows-based systems at home and to use Linux instead. This gives me greater security and means that the children would find it difficult to infect their laptops.

I also run a Web & Media Server which is directly accessible from the internet so the issue of security is paramount.

However, not everything is as easy as it might be for ‘normal’ Windows users. In terms of Email, web browsing, Multi-media and Office tools then everything does ‘just work’ usually. There are some difficulties but these are rare and often there is a work-around.

Imagine having a computer that doesn’t spend an hour updating once a week or doesn’t insist on a CD/DVD every time you buy a new printer? That’s what I have. Anyway, enough gloating.

There are a multitude of varieties of Linux with more springing up each month. The most common worldwide is Ubuntu but others include Mint, PCLinuxOS, Puppy & Arch to name but a very few.

Personally, my server and all my laptops run Fedora which is very configurable, you can turn a Fedora-based system into almost any kind of PC for any purpose although their are specialist Linux distributions for Multimedia, Business, Industrial, Webserver, Software development and many many more!

Often the question is not whether to install Linux but rather which distribution to choose. I tried many before settling on Fedora.

If you’re used to Windows, whether it’s XP, Vista or Windows 7 then the transition isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Many users when introduced to a Linux system might take a few minutes to realise it’s not Windows!

My children do their school-work using Fedora, as well as use the web and do their email. They have tools for secure access to the server (from anywhere in the world), printing & scanning, drawing and image manipulation. Their laptops are not generally susceptible to Windows viruses or Trojans and I can access the laptops remotely to do any maintenance or a password reset.

If you’d like some specific information about Linux, feel free to contact me using the link at the top of this page.

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