Silverlight & BT Sport

Tux with a Windows flagBT Sport insists on using Silverlight (from Microsoft) to protect the video streams on the website.

The previous Silverlight-replacement, Moonlight by Novell, is now a dead project and incompatible with the most recent Firefox versions. BT appear to be unwilling to resolve the discrimination against Linux users.

My work-around so far is to install Wine and then the Windows version of Firefox. followed by Java, Flash & Silverlight. This arrangement works for BBC iPlayer, ITVplayer etc but fails to start video on .

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  1. Vas says:

    I have the same issue. I have contacted BT and got the usual response, i.e. it is not their fault etc, blame microsoft that do not support silverlight in linux. Nothing about their responsibility to provide a service to their paying customers that happen to prefer linux.. shocking really..

  2. mrfill says:

    For the last 18 months I have been using Pipelight on openSUSE to get round the appalling Silverlight and it has been ok. However, one week ago the genii at BT changed to using Flash. Now this might seem like a good thing as other players like iPlayer, ITV player and All4 work perfectly well but wait – this is BT. Turns out that it depends on having version 18 of Flash and Adobe do not do a linux version beyond 11. I tried using firefox with wine and that was an awful mess with nothing working properly.
    This morning I was playing around and updated Chrome on my PCLinuxOS machines and for a laugh, tried BT Sport. It worked well and even showed the Flash version as 18 (How does it do that??) I then tried on the SUSE machine with Chrome (same version) – didn’t work and said I needed Flash – which is already installed.
    So it seems that since the ‘improvements’ BT Sport works on some browsers on some linuxes – if you’re lucky. Thanks BT.

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