Joined up thinking?

Sailing barge Victor, pictured during the Sea Shanty festivalIn a recent blog, Harwich: Onwards into 2014 , I suggested that the enablers and providers of tourism and heritage in & around Harwich should get together to co-ordinate their efforts.



Plainly, the Harwich Society, Rotary etc must have a dialogue with Tendring District Council and Essex Police regarding street events and any licensing required, but what of the smaller groups? Do they become involved?

There is great potential for heritage-based tourism in Harwich, more so than any other town in Tendring District, but is it being exploited to bring visitors to the town? What of the cruise passengers who head straight to Colchester or London for their 12 hours ashore?

Some events have grown to the point that they are nationally recognised, but the organisers would have been almost entirely responsible for their own publicity. The only true tourist information is provided by the Harwich Society’s volunteers from their office on Ha’Penny Pier – there is no equivalent of Clacton Town Hall in Harwich

In the past I have queried whether TDC or Essex CC ever advise Network Rail or Greater Anglia (our regional rail company) of major events so that engineering works can be scheduled appropriately? Last year the Tour de Tendring cycle ride was on a day when buses replaced trains, guess what you can’t take on a bus? This year, on 11th May, a world-class cycle race passes through Harwich, the same day as the Tour de Tendring, has anyone told the train company?

So, a plea to those involved in public events around Harwich; work together for the betterment of all!

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