Keyboard shortcuts

computer_key_CtrlThe mouse rules? How often do you move the mouse, type something, move the mouse again, click on something ….. You are repeatedly going back to the mouse when you could do plenty straight from the keyboard:



In most programs:

  • Ctrl-A     Select All
  • Ctrl-C     Copy
  • Ctrl-X     Cut
  • Ctrl-V     Paste
  • Ctrl-F     Find (text)
  • Ctrl-O     Open (file)
  • Ctrk-S    Save (using current filename if one exists)
  • Shift-Ctrl-S    Save As
  • Ctrl-P     Print
  • Ctrl-Q    Quit
  • Ctrl-Z     Undo
  • Shift-Ctrl-Z    Redo
  • Escape    Exit/Close (usage varies)

In internet browsers:

  • Ctrl-R     Refresh Screen

In Wordprocessors/Email programs

  • Ctrl-B     Bold text
  • Ctrl-I      Italics
  • Ctrl-U     Underline
  • Ctrl-N     New document/Email

You can also use the Shift key to select text. Hold shift down and use the arrow keys. Don’t forget you can also use the arrow keys to fine-tune where the cursor is.

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