The Dangers Of “We Will Fix It” Software

Have you seen this type of message? It’s really an advert designed to snare you using alarmist warning messages. It can appear in a webpage you’re viewing or even as a pop up, pretending to be a system message.

The inference is that your computer will suffer some unknown consequences if you don’t ensure all of your ‘drivers’ are up to date, but what is a driver?

Drivers are programs designed to connect the core of your PC to internal and external devices, including your printer, mouse, keyboard, webcam, monitor (video card) etc. They rarely need updating and important updates should be delivered by the Windows Update mechanism.

 So what’s the risk?

You could, ironically, be installing out-of-date drivers in place of current ones or even drivers that have malware built in – the result is potentially very bad. Your computer could be opened up to plenty more nasties and all normal security protection disabled. This is very very bad.

What’s the fix?

It depends on the level of damage done but it could mean re-installing the system (Windows). This is not a trivial nor a quick solution but it is the only one that is certain to remove 99% of malware and viruses.

How do you prevent this?

Ensure you have up to date anti-virus / anti-malware software installed and operational. Microsoft’s own offering Windows Defender should automatically install if you don’t have another product.

Make certain Windows Update is running, you can access it from the Control Panel. If your computer is not updating then there’s a strong possibility that something is wrong.

Don’t install programs that claim to:

  • Speed up your PC
  • Defrag your hard drive
  • Fix Registry errors
  • Update drivers

Microsoft offers a fix-it troubleshooter to identify and correct frequent issues


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